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Improve The Lives of Those Who Live With Parkinson's Disease

Greeters!  This year grab your family and support a

Our Signature Event - PD Shimmers
A passion for lights illuminates the importance of staying involved.

People with Parkinson's fight each and every day. They fight to move. They fight to rest. They fight to walk. They fight to talk. Things you take for granted come with great difficulty to a person with Parkinson's. Show creator Mike Justak, now in his 16th year with the progressive disorder, once again uses his show to illustrate life with Parkinson's.

Find Your Passion

Live a dream. Do something you have always wanted to do. Grab a camera and learn how to really use it. Create a beautiful garden. Dance like you're on DWTS. Your spirits will be raised, you will marvel in a sense of belonging and accomplishment. It will be the best medicine you can take.

PD Shimmers is the primary source of operating income for MJFPD (Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's Disease). Our focus is keeping people with Parkinson's moving. Recent studies have shown that using boxing as physical therapy can produce results to improve symptoms.


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Get moving. Get involved. Stay optimistic. Reduce stress. Keywords for better Parkinson's health.

Take a look at the varied approaches.

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Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's Disease (MJFPD) in 30 seconds

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