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Our Mission

Improve the lives of those who care for or live with Parkinson's Disease.

Examples of our program services have included:

Provide funding for participation in the following classes:

Rock Steady Boxing

Bicycle Spinning

Physical therapy at Struthers Parkinson's Center

Laughter Yoga

Create awareness of Parkinson's Disease with the PD Shimmers synchronized light show.

Hold Summer Ice Cream socials.

Provide Holiday Light tour buses.

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Mike Justak Foundation in 30 Seconds

What is PD Shimmers?
PD Shimmers Christmas explained in 30 seconds

Who We Are
Key Names in Our Organization

The people who make things happen

  • Mike Justak

    Mike Justak, the Foundation's namesake was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's in 2004 when he was just 46. The bulk of his career was spent in operational management in the self-storage industry. In 2012, Mike retired at age 52, accepting Social Security Disability Insurance. "My job was now to focus on ways to improve my situation with Parkinson’s."

    Board of Directors President
  • Karen Justak

    Karen Justak sat in disbelief as she listened to the Mayo Doctor deliver the diagnosis. A diagnosis that reaches out far beyond the patient. Mike is equally proud of his care giver as she is of him. "Caregivers are in a no win position. Expected to jump in and help the patient when needed but also experienced enough to lay back when the patient chooses to go it alone." husband Mike noted. Karen, a full time associate at Home Depot was able to add Mike to her health plan that enabled Mike to retire early. There is a 24 month wait to enroll in Medicare. Karen's opinion carries much weight when foundation planning is discussed.

    Board of Directors Secretary

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