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PD Shimmers


Shining One Light for Each American Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2015

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This year you can truly make the display one for everyone with Parkinson’s. Join the “Shimmer Brigade” then click the button link to sign up for a time block. No special skills needed. Trouble with balance or severe tremor. Then Pre Set Up day is for you. Simple tasks such as unboxing trees, testing light strands will take place. Able to do more and work outside then “Brigade Day “ is for you. Field work involves placing lights on trees (ground level), placing display items, moving/ positioning display items. Or help as a greeter on weekends.

PD Shimmers- A light display for the Parkinson’s Community.

Lights Return Friday November 28

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Streaming video is live during show hours. Brought to you by Simply Self Storage.
Parkinson’s Effect
You can’t see or touch any piece of the display and not be impacted by Parkinson’s Disease. The title references the most common symptom of the disease, tremor. The show references Parkinson’s disease either with video or audio voice overs. The show’s emotional climax references the number of patients in the US who received a diagnoses of Parkinson’s in 2015. The production is the work of a man who was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 47. It is the “unshakable” vision of Mike Justak that drives the production. Setup time grows each year not just due to the scope of the show but the progression of the disease and its impact on Justak. There is no tremor, the involuntary shaking that affects 90% of patients. Rather it is the ability to move. Movements are not fluid but stacotto. A shuffle of the feet, almost as if there was a bag of cement attached to his shoes. How does one overcome 11 years of Parkinson’s? You enlist “The Parkinson’s Brigade.” 6 separate occasions logged between October 1 and November 20 where tasks a delegated out to anyone who is involved with the disease. “ It is a way for everyone who has PD to look at the display and feel a sense of pride as they say,”I did that”, Justak notes. Here is a list of how the display is impacted by Parkinson’s.

Mega Tree

The 15’ tall tree of lights poses a challenge of balance. How do you assemble a PVC frame without using a ladder? You create a center pole that telescopes so construction can remain at ground level. Zip tie loops and an attachment for a 25’ painters pole enables quick hanging of the 60 light strings that comprise the “tree”.

Mini Trees

The 20+ mini trees use “pre-production.” They are unboxed in late September and staged first inside in the homes basement then outside in the backyard. The extra time offers the slower Parkinson pace the time needed to achieve perfection.

Tree Wraps
Pre staging helps here as well. Lights are prepped by tieing strings together with zip ties, and then storing in tubs. A generous donation of a two man lift lets the “brigades” work in the skies in total safety.

What is involved in PD Shimmers? Let’s see: Music selected and edited to shorter run time. Sequencing the music to lights takes about 8 hours for every minute of music. Controllers are the switches that do the work on the lights. These marvels work with 4, 8, 16 or 24 channels. The show uses over 200 channels. These electrical devices need TLC. They have to be programmed and checked with repairs made as needed.

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