PD Shimmers

Sequenced Light Show

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Here's what people are saying about PD Shimmers….

"It will make you smile"
-Plymouth Mayor Kelli Slavik

"The final result is true spectacle."
-Brian Rosemeyer Sun Sailor News

"It's so great!"
-Jamie Yuccas WCCO TV News

"with all the lights comes a powerful message."
-Edward Moody WCCO TV News

Mike Justak, MJFPD Executive Director along with Plymouth, Minnesota Mayor Kelli Slavik, "flip the switch" to officially commence season three of PD Shimmers. The Mayor praised Justak for his "hard work" and encouraged residents to come to his Ithaca Lane home to see the show. She also included an announcement about the show at the City Council meeting held that week.

PD Shimmers is a synchronized Christmas Light show featuring a light count of 40,000 lights. The music for the show is broadcast in FM Stereo at 97.9 so you can enjoy the show from the comfort of your car. The lights "shimmer and dance in "sync" to the music. The animation "magic" is provided by a computer that controls "channels" powering the lights.

The show is designed, built and operated for the nonprofit Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's Disease by a Young Onset Parkinson's patient, Mike Justak. "The show's name is tongue-in-cheek", Justak began. "Tremor is the most common symptom of the disease (Parkinson's), and my lights shimmer and dance to remind the world that 1.25 million Americans are waiting for a cure."